Affiliate program

How to earn money with affiliate program


How to earn extra money

If you are looking for ways to earn some extra money then join our free affiliate program and earn money online for sharing our video courses. It's easy to reach with your special affiliate link that you can share through Facebook, on your blog - or wherever you want.

Earn 25%, 10% and 5% for a sale in each level of our three-tier affiliate program. Get referral commissions for referring other affiliates.  

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How to become an affiliate?

Become an affiliate it is easy. You just need Sign up and activate the affiliate program inside your personal area. In your personal area you'll find affiliate link.
Or you can contact our team via email usa at and they will help you.

How much can you get?

Your Bonus depends on the total value of purchases made by your friends and friends of your friends (3 levels down). The more they purchase, the better your bonus.
You just need to tell them about the opportunity and show them how to do what you are doing. See examples below.

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Sign up or Sign in to your account. Invite your friends (Invite a Friend) through your affiliate link and get extra money right now!


As an example, here is table below it's shows possible reward if you invite 5 Friends, who invite 3 other Friends each. All the while, each Friend made only one purchase of $99 (unlimited access for a week).

Leve Friends Percentage Reward Week subscription
1 5 25% $123,75 $99
2 15 10% $148,50 $99
3 45 5% $222,75 $99
Total 65   $495  

How do you get paid with our affiliate program?

Our system tracking all purchases made by your friends registered through your affiliate link as well as purchases made by friends that they referred.
Our payout minimum is $100. All statistics you will be see in your personal area.

Who can become an affiliate?

Almost anyone can be an affiliate but for success you should have a business audience. Then you can present our useful video courses on various business topics.
For example - you have own website or blog on a business topics then our affiliate program fit well in your blog. Just direct the audience via your affiliate link
and get income for each their purchases.

What is RB.TV?

It is video business trainings and online business videos for various business subjects. Our technology has been proven and tested on thousands, and results are: more profit for the company, more individual finances and more free time. Check out reviews about an online business training The Organizing Board.

You create your own future and only you determine what it will be. Everything is in your hands.

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