There is a set of 3 rules/laws that are so powerful that they can spell the difference between success of failure in a business or even in life. This highly acclaimed video by Arte will provide you with the exact tools necessary to utilize these rules for your expansion!


Coordination is one of the most important facets of the executive. The ability to organize to create the greatest amount of production is what the executive is all about. Setting and achieving goals is but one component of a set of tools needed for full coordination. This video will summarize them for you for your use!


What is your income potential? Have you ever wondered what it takes to move your business from where you are now, to where you’ve always wanted to be? Ever wondered what might be stopping you from reaching the financial goals you’ve maybe dreamed about? In this short introduction join P. Christopher Music, a successful financial advisor and trainer, as he shares his insight into how a shift in perspective, specifically how we think about our income potential, can have a dramatic impact on our financial freedom.


Financial planning: we’ve all heard the term thrown around in sales presentations and how-to guides, in business news and financial advisory columns. We know it’s important, and perhaps we should think about it more, but what exactly is it? How can understanding financial planning help us grow our businesses? What if we’ve been thinking about it wrong, all this time? In our Financial Planning video, Reality Business guru P. Christopher Music takes us through a unique and practical way to understand financial planning when it comes to making the most of our businesses, no matter what the size.


Understanding the fundamentals of management are key to the success of any business, whether you are a business owner, a manager, or even working in the public sector (government). Join us in this introductory video as experienced international businessman Lynn Irons shares with you some of his key insights into the fundamentals of management, gained over 40 years of successful international business experience.


Have you ever wondered what separates the successful, from the mediocre? Every wondered how some business people seem to breeze through their careers, successfully leading others and creating million dollar businesses? The answer is not out of reach. Join Bud Reichel, a successful international business and organizational coach as he shares with you a very powerful simple tool that will enable you to take control and lead your business to every success.


Do you know what stage of the business life cycle your business is currently in? Have you perhaps not heard of the four-stage business life cycle, and what it means for your bottom line? Join Patrick Valtin, a business and management coach with over 24 years experience in helping business owners just like you, as he takes you through each of the four business stages.


Leadership. Inspiring employees, taking the helm and steering your business through the rough weather, initiating change, and increasing profits. These are just a few of the things truly great leaders do. Are you one of these special people? Do you want to be?


Creating a successful business is the goal of every business owner. But what impacts our success in business? You may have guessed it: sales. Whether you are offering a finished product, wholesale items, or a professional service, sales is foundational to business success. The key to sales success then, is passionate and well trained sales staff. In this short video, licensed business consultant and trainer Michael Bang shares a simple yet highly effective tool you can use right away to help your team stay motivated and successful.


There is a formula for the creation of abundance in any area of business or in life. Each step is done in sequence and the results are guaranteed!


Promoting your product or business can be a little daunting for even the most savvy of business owners, but it doesn’t, and shouldn’t, have to be. Join P. Christopher Music, a successful financial advisor and trainer, as he shares with you how understanding, and applying, the five crucial steps to promotion can ensure your future success. By understanding data on promotion and how to apply it, you too can ensure your business continues to grow, your reputation in the marketplace is one of quality and reliability, and your financial bottom line increases to reflect this.


When it comes to understanding the terms ‘responsible’ and ‘serious’, it’s possible we have been misunderstanding both for quite some time. This is especially relevant in the business world. Ideally, we want to be working with responsible and serious professionals, who we can trust to take ownership of their work, their departments, and their business goals. So what do we mean when we talk about being responsible? Or when by being serious?

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