Do you know what stage of the business life cycle your business is currently in? Have you perhaps not heard of the four-stage business life cycle, and what it means for your bottom line? Join Patrick Valtin, a business and management coach with over 24 years experience in helping business owners just like you, as he takes you through each of the four business stages.


Leadership. Inspiring employees, taking the helm and steering your business through the rough weather, initiating change, and increasing profits. These are just a few of the things truly great leaders do. Are you one of these special people? Do you want to be?


Creating a successful business is the goal of every business owner. But what impacts our success in business? You may have guessed it: sales. Whether you are offering a finished product, wholesale items, or a professional service, sales is foundational to business success. The key to sales success then, is passionate and well trained sales staff. In this short video, licensed business consultant and trainer Michael Bang shares a simple yet highly effective tool you can use right away to help your team stay motivated and successful.


There is a formula for the creation of abundance in any area of business or in life. Each step is done in sequence and the results are guaranteed!


Promoting your product or business can be a little daunting for even the most savvy of business owners, but it doesn’t, and shouldn’t, have to be. Join P. Christopher Music, a successful financial advisor and trainer, as he shares with you how understanding, and applying, the five crucial steps to promotion can ensure your future success. By understanding data on promotion and how to apply it, you too can ensure your business continues to grow, your reputation in the marketplace is one of quality and reliability, and your financial bottom line increases to reflect this.


The Code of Honor. Sought for ages by philosophers. Written by a retired Navy officer, narrated by yet another retired Navy officer, both successful entrepreneurs – this code has something to do with money, friends, marriage, business and life. It has EVERYTHING to do with your integrity and happiness…


Very often, we face this situation: We have a sales person, who is selling; his effectiveness is growing, and then he somehow gets hindered or jammed and his effectiveness is no longer so high...


Have you ever wondered how to make your staff more responsible? How to increase productivity, and to ensure there is a smooth transition of workflow between the departments within your organization? This is something many businesses can struggle with, whether you have a team of five or a team of 500. In this short, yet informative video from Reality Business, Aleksandr Baidushev shares with us his insights on how to make staff more responsible, and thereby more effective at their jobs.


How do you ensure your staff all have the same understanding of their duties, provide the same level of quality to you clients, and deliver your products or services in the same manner, every time? This can be something business owners and leaders struggle with daily. In this Reality Business video on how to create employee manuals Vadim Malchikov shares his personal experience with you, giving you practical tools you can implement right away.


You may have heard some discussion, sometimes even heated discussion, surrounding the question of how to deal with old and new clients. When working in the field of sales, as all business owners must understand, being able to differentiate between the two types of clients, and therefore how to deal with them, can often mean the difference between successful growth and stagnation.


As we saw in New Clients and Old Clients, Part 1, for optimal success and growth of your business, these two distinct clients groups need to be handled by different divisions of your organization. In part two of this important topic, join Vadim Malchikov once again and he takes you through the steps of transitioning your clients from the new clients group, to being established clients with their own personal consultant. Getting this step right is key to the growth of your team, and your business.


Have you ever felt like you’re on an endless rollercoaster? Speeding through life, going up, and then crashing down? Many of us come to see this as normal, whether for our health, in our work life, or in our interpersonal relationships with others. We have become conditioned to see life this way, we expect good days and bad, good times and bad, good health and bad, and in doing so never quite see an alternative might be possible.

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