24 Characteristics of Genius

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Your Home Guide to Being a Genius

Have you ever dreamed about what it might be like to be a genius? Have you ever wondered what Einstein, Edison, Jefferson, Copernicus, Disney, Sappho (the Greek poetess), Queen Elizabeth and the many brilliant men and women were and are really like? Have you ever wanted to become a genius yourself, or maybe thought you were one?

Well, in this course composed of 24 online videos, Jim Mathers – entrepreneur and executive, retired Navy Officer, millionaire and business consultant describes the skills and traits of a genius. While other training video clips and courses might give useful advice on leadership, communication and goals, - this practical course details 24 very specific traits you can learn, practice, absorb and make part of yourself – in fact, it’s your strategy to development of your inner abilities. And, what do you know? – Perhaps become a true genius. Or, if you are one already, be even more certain you are and become more of a genius.

Moreover, whether you’re a management guru or just starting out in coaching, whether you run a business or work in one, these are traits any person should have. Not only can you learn to be successful yourself, but help your colleagues, employees and friends to success and to becoming geniuses. When one is a genius, things like strategic planning, business programs and plans and cost-effective solutions will follow.

To make the long story short, what do such things as drive, optimism, ability to communicate, perception, patience and idealism have to do with being a genius? (These are just a few of the 24). Listen to Jim Mathers and his witty and simple practical examples, and learn to be a genius.

These videos help you prepare for tomorrow and learn the skills necessary for leadership and success. Take the course, watch the videos, imbibe the training and be a genius!

Who said you can’t be great, be a master, be a brilliant? We surely didn’t…The world can use a few more geniuses, like you. Hey, who knows? – You might be the next Einstein, or maybe you just want to be the genius of your professional, family, your field, your life.

We won’t delay you longer. Go ahead and start!

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    28 October 2018
    super! just simply super! beautiful orientation and presentation! Thank you!
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Steps video training
  • 02:04 Introduction
  • 03:15 Drive
  • 04:38 Courage
  • 05:31 Devotion to Goals
  • 03:41 Honesty
  • 03:49 Optimism
  • 03:59 Ability to Judge
  • 03:42 Enthusiasm
  • 03:22 Willingness to Take Chances
  • 03:11 Dynamic Energy
  • 03:04 Enterprise
  • 03:16 Persuasion
  • 04:09 Outgoingness
  • 02:56 Ability to Communicate
  • 02:52 Patience
  • 03:18 Perception
  • 02:47 Perfectionism
  • 02:36 Sense of Humor
  • 02:11 Versatility
  • 02:54 Adaptability
  • 02:30 Curiosity
  • 02:59 Individualism
  • 03:02 Idealism
  • 03:03 Imagination
  • 03:53 Knowledge
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Jim Mathers

Jim is continuing this work to introduce L. Ron Hubbard’s Management Technology to business leaders around the world, including Russia, England, United States, South America, Taiwan and Africa.

 24 Characteristics of Genius