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Jim Mathers, and experienced entrepreneur and business executive shares with you his experience of great leadership gained from a lifetime devotion to growing his business and inspiring his very own employees. Jim shares his personal experiences with leadership, from mistakes he’s made, to his wonderful successes. In this short video you will gain practical knowledge to apply to your business.

You don’t need to make the same mistakes as others. You don’t need the stress of high employee turnover, inaction on big decisions, and the potential damage to your bottom line these things create. You too can learn what great leadership is all about, and how Reality Business can help you reach your personal and organizational business goals. 

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  • AT
    Antonini Tiziano
    17 June 2016
  • НJ
    Неизвестно Jesites2014
    05 March 2014
    Very Cool!!!
  • MB
    Moser Brandon
    16 October 2013
    im sold! I like what he said...it's really the simplicity of leadership.
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  • 08:12 Leadership
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Jim Mathers

Jim is continuing this work to introduce L. Ron Hubbard’s Management Technology to business leaders around the world, including Russia, England, United States, South America, Taiwan and Africa.

Leadership - Jim Mathers