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Referral System - marketing video by Arte MarenIn today's world, running successful marketing campaigns and using effective strategies is the number one task to making your business really prosperous. But how do you establish a cost-effective system that will pay off well over time? Arte Maren brings up referrals as a time-tested, yet ever-workable tool that can potentially boost your sales at little cost to you.

In one way or another, referrals are used by every company and enterprise, but seldom wisely and efficaciously. Mr Maren, a master marketing strategist and business consultant, explores how a sound referral system can be both economical and effective, what the exact mechanics of generating a flow of referrals is, and how you can actually have control over, not just hope for, the number and quality of your future referrals. He also delves into how direct and indirect referrals can both be employed to maximize your company's reach, examines what a justified system of rewards should be like, and finally, brings up an ethics issue that, if violated, could turn into a black hole devouring the fruits of all your labour in referral marketing.

Watch this four-part course and find out how to be successful in marketing through learning the fundamental secrets to one of today's most viable, practical, as well as traditional and proven tools of a successful marketing strategy.

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    26 May 2019
    That is very beautiful smart approach!
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  • 07:24 Part 2
  • 08:30 Part 3
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Arte Maren

Arte Maren has been a speaker and a consultant for associations, franchises, privately held companies and corporations for over 25 years. He has made hundreds of appearances before sales, management and executive audiences.

Referral System