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This is what David Sanders, an extremely well-known marketing consultant, lists on LinkedIn as his specialties: “World-changing strategy & implementation, using the best technology available in PR & Marketing, time management, organizational structure, productivity enhancement, management by statistics, goal setting / achievement, finance, even personal issues - and anything else that gets in the way of creating a world which can survive.”

He further writes about himself:

“Yes, I have a proven track record of helping many professionals and entrepreneurs rise to the top, decade after decade. As a Certified Master Consultant, marketing guru, author and speaker for over 3 decades, I have made a difference for many. But what really excites me is helping BIG dreamers become the biggest and best in their field - DREAMERS who have world-changing potential. Using the most advanced management and marketing technology available, it is possible to make dreams become reality, to become #1 in your niche and change the world…”

There is no better way to describe what you can get from his online training program called Marketing Strategy That Works. His course is extremely effective and gives you great tips that will help you enhance your performance. It teaches you how to use extremely important marketing tools and management strategies, as well as how to organize successful marketing campaigns and thus increase your sales and change your business and your life for the better.

David’s online seminars were put together as a result of his extensive research into business development, marketing and business management. His online course will give you a wide spectrum of tools and techniques helpful to any business, small or large (importance of positioning, best times and ways to use special offers, best website strategies and other). His easy manner will make your learning enjoyable, and this course will help you reach your potential and make the world a better place for yourself and other people.

As David says: "Think BIG and Make It Happen!"

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Steps video training
  • 05:29 Introduction
  • 02:39 First step
  • 06:27 Second step
  • 04:08 Third step
  • 05:35 Fourth step
  • 07:03 Surveys
  • 08:04 Different Kinds of Surveys
  • 04:51 How to Utilize Results of Surveys
  • 07:37 Properly Done Surveys
  • 03:30 What You Ask When You do Surveys
  • 04:37 How to be Heard
  • 06:21 Positioning Part 1
  • 05:23 Positioning Part 2
  • 10:51 Positioning Part 3
  • 04:24 Technique of Instant Impression Testing
  • 04:41 Secret Marketing Tools
  • 03:07 Examples of Positioning
  • 07:51 Intro to Marketing Campaign
  • 06:52 Referrals
  • 05:11 Newsletters
  • 03:01 Letters to Your Database
  • 05:20 Postcards and Flyers
  • 05:03 Special Events for Your Clients
  • 03:23 Special Offers
  • 03:06 Telemarketing
  • 03:58 E-mail Marketing
  • 03:15 Social media
  • 06:42 Analysis of Your Business
  • 06:30 External marketing
  • 05:25 Directories and Yellow Pages
  • 04:38 White Papers
  • 04:05 Direct Mail
  • 06:42 Website
  • 04:14 Public Relations
  • 05:51 Trade Shows
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David Sanders

David Sanders

Marketing Strategy That Works