The Golden Rules of Sales

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The Golden Rules of Sales

Narrated and illustrated with examples by Patrick Valtin

In this online video training program, Patrick Valtin, a sales and management trainer, who has been coaching businessmen and entrepreneurs for 18 years, demonstrates that it is not your ideas, as such, that determine your performance and make you rich, but your ability to sell your ideas. Even if you have the best product on the market, but no sales effective strategies or techniques in place, you are in trouble. In this course Patrick clearly explains and demonstrates key concepts that are crucial in order to flourish and prosper:

This course covers:

  • What separates top sales people from less successful ones, and how you to become a top salesman?
  • What is The Golden Rule of sales that makes the customer buy from you, and not from your competitor?
  • What are the best strategies in sales?
  • Why do emotions play a very important role in sales and what are the emotions you cannot afford to see in your customer, if you want to sell?
  • What is money, really, and how do you apply this data to achieve success in business and life?
  • What are the mistakes 99% of salespersons make and how can you avoid them?
  • What are ten reasons you have failed in sales and how to avoid them.
  • What personal quality do you need to have to get your customer to talk?
  • How do you successfully overcome the customer’s objections and close the sale?
  • How can close the customer, no matter what?

And much-much more

Sign up for these classes, discover some shocking facts that Patrick will share – facts you need to know and understand to become highly motivated and move into a circle of top successful salespeople.

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  • George S
    07 January 2020
    Great program and simple to follow. I liked the closing challenge to practice and drill each concept ten times. This is so workable. Thank you for a fabulous course.
    09 October 2018
    patrick! That is the most valuable and to the my need point ;) and truly ----the Drtill.ings WAS my very outpoint ----- very hard to put my attention on HOWEVER after you said ---what it is and how to do that(!) wow, thank you
  • AT
    Antonini Tiziano
    13 June 2016
    Vital data
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Steps video training
  • 03:31 War of Perceptions
  • 02:51 What do Customers Buy
  • 02:21 How to get Buying Decision
  • 02:09 How to Lead Customers to Buy
  • 02:36 Logic vs Emotions
  • 03:09 Examples of Emotional States
  • 03:58 What is Sales
  • 03:25 The Ideal Profile of a Salesperson
  • 04:12 What is Money
  • 05:48 5 Buying Factors
  • 04:01 Laws of Sales
  • 04:01 The Most Important Quality of a Salesperson
  • 04:55 The Right Questions
  • 04:46 The Key to Sales
  • 05:37 The Secret Formula of Sales
  • 03:15 Very Important Component of Success in Sales
  • 04:25 The Price in Sales
  • 02:48 How do You Handle Objections
  • 03:42 Technique to Handle Objections
  • 03:16 To Practise
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Patrick Valtin

Mr. Valtin has an extensive experience in the fields of Management consulting, training & coaching, and this on an international basis.

The Golden Rules of Sales