The Code of Honor

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The Code of Honor

Written by L. Ron Hubbard
Narrated and illustrated with examples by Jim Mathers

In these training videos Jim Mathers, entrepreneur, millionaire, leadership expert and former Navy officer talks about his understanding and experience with the Code of Honor – a unique and vital code. This code is not only for philosophers or moralists – it relates to every businessman, employee, artist, husband, wife or person of any profession. In this video, you learn what honor has to do with money, business, becoming a millionaire and even pain. In short, this training is for those people who want to be successful in any arena.

Jim spices up an already vital subject by fun real-life examples, an enthusiastic demeanor and advice on how you can use this in business and in life.

Just a few of the points covered in this training:

  • What is the one thing never to do with your strength and power? - Jim used this point to become a millionaire in 18 months
  • What are the results of compromising with your own reality?
  • Withdrawing allegiance – whom does this harm most?
  • How to stay happy through a simple point of honor on communication
  • Whether hurting someone’s feelings is always the wrong thing
  • What is the difference between and ethical and moral code?

Many more…

Sign up for the course, sit back, sip on lemonade or what have you and watch this millionaire and practical philosopher give a talk on the Code of Honor. Truth be told, all you’re most proud of has to do with the Code of Honor. All you’re least proud of – as well. Any genius or person of greatness and leadership personified some of these points. They have everything to do with your life, your integrity, your success – both financial and otherwise, with YOU. Applying this Code is a choice. Learning it is a must…

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Rating: 5.0
    26 September 2018
    Great Job, Jim! I read several times over the years and had a feeling of some mis-duplication or rather not clear understanding for me favourite points ;) So I am here because it such a great idea to have this sort of communication about it. Love it! I also read the Lecture LRH The Code of Behaviour from R&D Vol 9. I must say, the whole life depend on it! The Freedom!
  • SD
    Slizauskas Darius
    28 February 2016
    Awesome view point in to the life with Code of Honor data. Thank you.
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Steps video training
  • 02:46 Introduction
  • 03:18 Never Desert a Comrade in Need...
  • 04:40 Never Withdraw Allegiance Once Granted
  • 03:45 Never Desert a Group to Which You Owe Your Support
  • 04:41 Never Disparage Yourself or Minimize Your Strength
  • 04:42 Never Need Praise, Approval or Sympathy
  • 04:53 Never Compromise With Your Own Reality
  • 07:04 Never Permit Your Affinity to be Alloyed
  • 04:23 Do Not Give or Receive Communication Unless You...
  • 05:07 Your Self Determinism and Your Honor are Important
  • 03:36 Your Integrity to Yourself More Important Than...
  • 04:40 Never Regret Yesterday...
  • 05:01 Never Fear to Hurt Another in a Just Cause
  • 04:40 Don't Desire to be Liked or Admired
  • 03:52 Be Your Own Advisor...
  • 03:32 Be True to Your Own Goals
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Jim Mathers

Jim is continuing this work to introduce L. Ron Hubbard’s Management Technology to business leaders around the world, including Russia, England, United States, South America, Taiwan and Africa.

The Code of Honor