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 Million Dollar Law - Video by Arte MarenThere is a set of 3 rules/laws that are so powerful that they can spell the difference between success of failure in a business or even in life. This highly acclaimed video by Arte will provide you with the exact tools necessary to utilize these rules for your expansion!


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  • MI
    Milton Ian
    19 February 2020
    Bottom line concept very well expressed thank you Arte
    07 October 2018
    You know what the saying is (at list what I know) ---that he simplest is the most hardiest ;) something like a parables in the bible, ha! Brilliant job, Arte!
    07 October 2018
    "...feed them they will come" ;) absolutely!
  • HF
    Houde France
    01 January 2018
    I love it!!!
  • O
    Oscar Enrique Wegner
    17 April 2017
    Excellent and simple!
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  • 17:57 Million Dollar Law
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Arte Maren

Arte Maren has been a speaker and a consultant for associations, franchises, privately held companies and corporations for over 25 years. He has made hundreds of appearances before sales, management and executive audiences.

 Million Dollar Law - Arte Maren