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Financial Planning and the Method of Handling Money

Each and every one of us has made mistakes in managing finances or, to put it simply – money. Actually, it doesn’t matter if it was our money or the company’s money. We’ve spent it in a way it should not have been spent, lent it to the wrong person, borrowed from the wrong person, borrowed too much or too little, bought things we didn’t need, etc. This could be said of a business, where the same mistakes take place, but on a larger scale.

Actually money is a thing which constantly causes people to experience strange and inappropriate emotions. Have you ever observed several people together trying to decide how to allocate and spend money? Also - what does a person usually do (besides feeling happy) when they get a respectable sum or money? Very often, when a person sees money, “the lights dim” - so to say - and the decisions that they make at that moment regarding the money are quite often not the most rational ones. One could say that in business it’s the mistakes in managing money that are the reason for any commercial failure or disappointment.

What You Will Learn On This Course

  • The precise technology (15 steps) of financial planning in a company or, as one often hears, in a concern;
  • What money is in its essence and why such passions flare up around it;
  • Another viewpoint on income and expenditures;
  • 19 Stable Data about money and finances in a company;
  • Information on how to manage business finances better.

A Detailed Description of the Course

There is probably more written on managing finances than about all the other aspects of business combined. Hence, there is a vast amount of confusion in this area; many of the same terms are differently used; while false and contradictory data abound. How does one discover the true data in this avalanche of financial information and apply that true data to attain stability and expansion in a company?

Throughout the whole duration of this fiancé course, you are directly dealing with finances and what to do with them. You will get to see a method of financial planning which has successfully proven itself. The whole course is presented as a story of a single company to show it vividly.

As we have already mentioned, all the data on the “Reality Business” site is based on the activities and analysis of real companies and their results can be verified should the desire arise. One could doubt, smirk, do absolutely nothing, or one could see for him or herself whether this system of financial planning, offered in the practicum, actually works and can be applied. Or, is it yet another “scam”? Just take a moment to imagine that in the future you no longer make mistakes in dealing with money. That wouldn’t be bad, right?

It is recommended that before taking this course, you study "The Organizing Board" and "Management by Statistics” chapters, although the course is self-sufficient and can be understood by itself. Nonetheless, you should follow the recommendations for more profound understanding.

After you complete the course, additional written materials will be available for you to download in “My Office.”


Total course duration (excluding the exercises) is 106 minutes

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Reviews amount: 7
Rating: 4.9
  • HA
    Halikias Andre
    25 February 2019
    Pricelessly enlightening
    07 October 2018
    well... that is..... perfect! love your song, by the way!
  • MJ
    Mann Jay
    06 October 2018
    Very well made. Fun way to communicate important concepts.
  • MZ
    Mabece Zwelakhe
    25 April 2018
    Great course.
  • AT
    Antonini Tiziano
    15 June 2016
    I liked a lot
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Steps video training
  • Important Note (free)
  • 07:26 Intro
  • 10:12 Philosophy of money (p1)
  • 09:08 Philosophy of money (p2)
  • 07:43 19 stable data (p1)
  • 07:39 19 stable data (p2)
  • 06:51 19 stable data (p3)
  • 12:40 19 stable data (p4)
  • 11:09 The break-even point
  • Exercise: Expense types
  • Exercise: Documents
  • 04:38 FP Actions (p1)
  • 10:55 FP Actions (p2)
  • 13:10 Conclusion

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Vladislav Musatov

Financial Planning