The Communication System

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In this world of fast-functioning computers and high-speed communication lines, one can’t rely on antiquated administrative systems. So how do you walk stride in stride with the times? One solution is faster means of communication and of production. But machines are not enough to fully resolve the problem. Behind every machine there is a real, live person. Behind every successful business, any successful organization or sphere of action there is a person – someone who at least knows something about organizing, planning, communicating and carrying on a business correspondence with his colleagues.

What You Will Learn on This Course

  • Why some people work long and hard but seem to get few results, while others can accomplish a lot expending much less effort;
  • What are the reasons that cause you to waste production time and how you can decrease the amount of work twofold, while accomplishing a lot more;
  • What fundamental principles underlie an effective communication system in a company.

A Detailed Description of the Course

With the knowledge and tools in this chapter, a person will be able to do the work faster, at the same time expending less effort. They will know how to avoid stress and create time for themselves and use all the acquired tools to be able to really do that, which they truly like to do.

The first thing taken up is the subject of “Communication” itself - as its own entity. The goal of this is to give you an understanding of the communication formula and the components of understanding, because lacking that no relations are possible by definition.

What follows is data about the system of communication among staff members. This system is aimed at getting the staff to do their work more systematically and faster. Mainly, this system is meant for executive staff – those who manage the business. But of course, one can’t do without the average employees in the company also applying this system.

Finally, you will learn about the kinds of “unnecessary” work and how to avoid them. Such actions exist in almost any company or organization and by eradicating them you will at once see an improvement in work, growth, and expansion.

Before studying this course, it is recommended that you study the chapter “The Organizing Board

After you complete the course, additional written materials will be available for you to download in “My Office.”


Total course duration (excluding the exercises) is 95 minutes

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  • AT
    Antonini Tiziano
    17 June 2016
    well presented.
  • MB
    Moser Brandon
    17 December 2013
  • PA
    Patterson Asa
    04 November 2013
    I have nothing what I am learning with this program! this program is awesome!
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Steps video training
  • 04:27 Intro
  • 07:45 Communication
  • 09:35 ARC
  • 08:20 Written Communications
  • 05:29 Three Baskets
  • 10:15 Types of communications (p1)
  • Exercise: CSW
  • CSW Examples
  • 11:07 Types of communications (p2)
  • 09:19 Dev-T (p1)
  • 08:04 Dev-T (p2)
  • 05:18 Conclusion
Vladislav Musatov

The Communication System