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Key Performance Indicators

Many meander through life, dashing here and there in search of explanations why their endeavors succeed sometimes and sometimes fade away, why they accomplish one thing and not the next. Yet, one cannot rely on conjectures and premonitions. Without real knowledge of how to investigate favorable and unfavorable situations and of how to get to the real facts, a person is left to the caprice of fate in the ocean of unevaluated data.

When a person fails to understand something, he usually grabs the first explanation offered, as erroneous as it may be. To correct or improve a situation – any situation – one has to discover the real reason behind what’s occurring. That sounds obvious. Nevertheless, are often not aware of the idea that all events are caused by certain reasons. Nothing happens simply by itself.

In order to “steer out of” any situation or improve an already positive one, one needs Statistics – key performance indicators. They specifically are what allow one to control business growth.

What you will learn in this course

  • What 25 precise steps to improve any activity are
  • How you can graphically observe the state of affairs in a company and evaluate it correctly
  • What key performance indicators you should track in subdivisions or in a staff member
  • What you should do if a statistic falls or rises
  • In essence, you will learn to predict the future based on existing facts

A Detailed Description of the Course

Managing the growth of a business or a company is a subject of many facets and factors. Still, there are certain things that we can definitely influence. In a company which ideally has the structure of the organization (the Organizing Board) correctly in place, we can see areas of low or high production. It is specifically by reason of statistics that we can correctly evaluate the condition and take action to correct or improve the situation.

Such an idea is already intrinsic in some rather well-known systems, such as “KPI.” But there are various technologies that construct themselves around “KPI,” because certainty is missing. What could one say about this system or about the majority of systems based on it? - They carry a superfluous amount of key indicators and there is no precise technology, so what do you do with them? Of course, you have to see what is happening before you can do something. But that is only the first step.

So, take two or three hours of your time and study this business course titled “Management by Statistics” – you will get answers and real practical experience of how to actually manage the growth of your business, not just “go with the flow.” This course applies to an individual and to a company alike. This technology is applicable everywhere, in any activity - even in music or in growing cucumbers. It matters little what business you’re in, because by using this technology you can expand and flourish!

It is recommended that you complete the Organizing Board video course before embarking on this one.


Total course duration (excluding the exercises) is 140 minutes

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Reviews amount: 6
Rating: 4.9
    06 October 2018
    Perfect prezentation! watched with mu husband together ---perfect!
  • J
    Joseph mcilvain
    22 May 2018
  • GD
    Galeana Daniel
    27 February 2017
    Very well put together.
  • AT
    Antonini Tiziano
    16 June 2016
  • NJ
    Neal Jeff
    03 July 2013
    It is very useful to see this technology by L. Ron Hubbard put into a play. This makes learning fun.
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Steps video training
  • 08:14 Intro
  • 10:29 Conditions
  • 13:52 Non-existence
  • 20:24 Danger
  • 12:01 Emergency
  • 10:10 Normal Operation
  • 14:14 Affluence
  • 09:39 Power
  • Exercise: Formulas
  • 11:42 Basic data (p1)
  • 13:37 Basic data (p2)
  • Exercise: Scale
  • Notice
  • Exercise: Trends
  • 05:47 Conclusion
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Management by Statistics