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Achieving Your Goals

A person, an employee, a director or an owner without a goal will achieve nothing worthwhile by simply floating with the current of life. How to achieve the goals or how to achieve the goals more quickly and efficiently - that is the main subject of this business course. The tool that allows you to do this is called "The Administrative Scale." So, how does one achieve all the goals without exception: large and small, achieve them quickly or slowly? To do this, one has to carry out a sequence of vital steps, one by one. What are these steps and how they apply to any subject, be that personal ambitions, a family, a business, etc? - That is what you will learn in this course. When you apply the Administrative Scale, you come closer to your goals, whatever they are, and make their attainment as efficient and real as possible.

What You Will Learn on This Course

  • The best way to achieve goals in business and in life;
  • How to correctly plan your goals so that they come to fruition in life;
  • How to make sure that employees are interested in the growth of your company and want to contribute to the development of your business;
  • How to take the company to the next level of expansion;
  • The ten key elements relating to goals which give you subtle control in achieving those objective, and which accelerate the process.

A Detailed Description of the Course

In the beginning we will consider some philosophical matters relating to a person and to goals, as a subject of its own.  

Furthermore, this video course is divided into three main sections.   

The first part of the course describes "Goals", "Purposes" and "Policy." It talks about the fundamental thing – that which is aimed for, and about the rules that apply to all players of the game called "achieving the goal". After all, this course is primarily intended for businesses (a group of people) - for directors, managers, owners, and employees. Of course, you can apply all these tools to you personally.   

The second part examines the strategy, tactics, and the very actions necessary to achieve the goal or goals set out. Actions to achieve a goal always differ based on the specifics of the goal. The second part provides you with the tools of how you coordinate the actions of all the players, one with another, to enhance the overall effect. If all the parts of a mechanism are in tune it works more precisely and with fewer disruptions.   

In the third part, you will learn about what we should aim for daily (The Valuable Final Product), how this is all monitored (Statistics), and the right way to analyze how much closer we have moved to the goal set (The Ideal Scene).   

All these parts of the Admin Scale (The Administrative Scale) reinforce one another. At one time or another, we have all planned our own goals or the goals of our company, our job; we created strategies to reach new heights, but this hasn’t always led to the desired result. This occurred if not all the elements of the Admin Scale were coordinated with each other, or if they were not fully worked out.   

And off course - throughout the course you will be doing exercises to consolidate your knowledge.   

To understand the data on this course in full, or to understand it better, we recommend that you first study the business course on proper organizational structure, called "The Organizing board".   

After you complete the course additional written materials will be available for you to download in “My Office.” 

Total course duration (excluding the exercises) is 117 minutes

What do others say?

Reviews amount: 5
Rating: 4.8
  • GD
    Galeana Daniel
    27 January 2017
    This was a great course. The examples clarified several of the questions I had regarding the admin scale.
  • AT
    Antonini Tiziano
    17 June 2016
    The best explanation I've ever seen about the admin scale.
  • CG
    Ctania Genelle
    20 April 2016
    Great Course.
  • RJ
    Ryl Jacqueline
    15 January 2013
    I had read about the admin scale, and written a few, but found I needed help understanding more, as I had not fully achieved my results, and the admin scale fell out of use/revision. I fell out of motivation and action, or at least satisfaction and high production as I had before achieved. This course completely revitalized me on the admin scale. I wish I could rewatch a few sections, specifically the earlier ones, just for the inspiration I feel when I watch them. They are truly spiritual. The section on the dynamics gave me an understanding that a very good admin scale could inspire the greatest and highest level of contribution from those involved, and not from its complexity, but from the simple use of admin scale steps. I am going to ease back into reworking my admin scales now, and pull myself back into the higher range of production and VFPs. I know my ideal scene, no matter how far fetched from the current scene, will come about. Thank you, Jacqueline PS: Would love to have a few sections to rewatch. (2-7, as I am really aware now of my desire for more hatting in department 20). Thank you!!!
  • MB
    Moser Brandon
    14 January 2013
    The administration scale video was like spending the time and money going to college to learn about "How to start and run a business successfully" minus having to pay for large tomes of books and sitting for hours listening to a professor tell you about information you will never use. What I liked most about this video is how clear, simple and comprehensive it was. Vlad could have easily spoke with nomenclature that could of had you lost or spinning but he didn't use big words instead he focused on getting you the concept and understanding so you can use this tool. I had a realization that the reason most businesses fail is because they don't know the Administrative Scale. I feel more clear regarding this tool and I am going to continue to watch more videos and refer more people. Well done guys, Super impressive!
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Steps video training
  • 05:29 Intro
  • 10:02 Thetan, mind, body, products
  • 13:38 Dynamics
  • 05:02 Intro to AdminScale
  • 09:48 Goals
  • 06:04 Purposes
  • 04:41 Policy
  • Exercise: 3 components
  • 07:54 Plans
  • 02:28 Programs
  • 06:11 Projects
  • 07:21 Orders
  • Excercise: 4 components
  • 06:52 Ideal Scene
  • 03:22 Statistics
  • 02:52 VFPs
  • 04:40 Conclusion (Part 1)
  • Exercise: Adminscale
  • 11:27 Conclusion (Part 2)
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The Administrative Scale