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It’s crucial to understand that a business, be that a company or any kind of a group, has its own tools which determine both the effectiveness of management, and growth. Using military parlance, the success of any battle rests, among other things, on how the troops are placed and on how effective the interaction between various subdivisions is. It’s also important to know that the correct structure of an organization or one could say, the structure of a company, influences how close you are to getting the utmost possible results and profits.

The Org Board (Organizing Board) is one of various effective tools and is the subject of this business course. The topic is at once very pragmatic and very breathtaking.

What you will learn on this course:

  • How to organize your business to improve results with the minimum of effort;
  • What the seven key stages of any activity are;
  • How to ensure that work gets done and how to influence the result;
  • How to structure the seniority of a company;
  • What the correct and effective structure of any organization, business, or company is.

A Detailed Description of the Course

First we will take up the fundamentals that apply to an organization as a whole and which no business or company could exist or expand without. These are things such as:

  • Exchange;
  • Valuable Final Product;
  • Subproducts.

Next, to reinforce the knowledge and data you have now gained about vitally important aspects of business, you will do exercises. They are done right on your computer and there is no need to go anywhere.

Step eight of this video course takes up the main flow of activity in a business, and also the structure of this flow in a company. What is described here are the seven main stages of creating the product, starting with an idea and ending with handing it to the customer. But these stages are not simply “thought it up, produced it, took the money, handed it over” or, vice versa, – “handed it over and then took the money.” The important thing here is to take into account, rather than overlook, the many aspects along this flow. For example, two of them are Quality Control and Hiring of Personnel. There are a good number of such functions in a company that people either overlook or don’t appreciate enough. In the final analysis, any business manager or owner carries out all of these functions even without realizing it. Here is a simple example: if there is no one responsible for hiring personnel, who does the hiring? Or, if the function of ensuring that the work gets done is not specified or is not being done, this can lead to losses and to very large losses, at that. Usually about 30-35% of functions are not known in the majority of companies and therefore not carried out; or, they are known but not duly carried out.

So, in this business course you will see what these areas are; and, as surprising as it may be, this relates not only to a business or company, but also to any person. After step eight, all of these seven stages or seven parts of the organizational structure are described in detail and, of course, there are exercises for dessert to reinforce your understanding.

In conclusion, you will learn additional data to polish what you know, about the activity of any company or business.

There are thousands of people who have already taken this video course and it has proven effective, since 99.9% of the people who learned this vital information definitely did not spend three or four hours of their time in vain.

Don’t procrastinate and do “The Organizing Board” business course today!

After you complete the course additional written materials will be available for you to download in “My Office.”

Total course duration (excluding the exercises) is 195 minutes

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Reviews amount: 16
Rating: 4.8
  • ZO
    Zdravkovski Oliver
    08 January 2019
    The course was amazing. I've already done other Scientology courses on Organization and what I like about this one is that the lecturer gives us real-life examples and seeing things from a different viewpoint. You guys are fantastic! Keep up the great work! Best Regards, Oliver Zdravkovski
    01 October 2018
    Brilliant! Perfect! How can anyone live without!? Great perfect smashing JOB! Bless you!
  • DV
    Delibera Victor
    20 June 2018
    very good information. for some reason the sound was not all that good.. this was translated into english. this was relatively minor though.. it just took some getting used to... the biggest problem i had was that the exercises didn't work at all... i am going to retake this course again from a different computer to ensure the origins of the issue
  • ND
    Nchabeleng David
    18 October 2017
    great and informative
  • GD
    Galeana Daniel
    06 February 2017
    The Organizing Board practical course is amazingly well put together. It quickly helps one have a very good grasp on the power of the Org. Board. Personally I was able to clear so much misunderstoods and confusion via the amazingly put together videos, graphics and examples. Very good job to the team that work on putting this together.
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Steps video training
  • 10:56 Intro
  • 05:11 Be, do, have
  • 07:35 Valuable Final Product
  • Exercise: Valuable Final Product
  • 07:28 Exchange
  • 11:37 Subproducts
  • Exercise: Subproducts
  • 10:46 Basic flow of activity
  • 02:31 Divisions and Departments(p1)
  • Exercise: Division names
  • 03:34 Divisions and Departments(p2)
  • 06:53 Division 4
  • 11:22 Division 7
  • 15:24 Division 1 (p1)
  • 09:30 Division 1 (p2)
  • 10:15 Division 2
  • 07:43 Division 3
  • 09:55 Division 5 (p1)
  • 11:23 Division 5 (p2)
  • 15:31 Division 6
  • 01:00 Conclusion (p1)
  • Exercise: Depts names
  • 08:17 Conclusion (p2)
  • Exercise: Depts VFP's
  • 12:45 Conclusion (p3)
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The Organizing Board