Questions and Answers about ASM


What do I get?

Basically, you get access to a software product – a website which works via Internet. You can use it from any location in the world with Internet access. Since the speed and quality of data transmission (Internet) is constantly growing we have chosen this method to provide our software products - Software as a Service (SAAS). 

What does work place or online user mean?

When you purchase the product you automatically get access for 5 users. A work place is like a “phone line”; if it’s busy, another person cannot use it. For example, if 5 people are working in the program and no more work places were purchased, a 6th person cannot access the program until one of the 5 users logs out.

How can I increase the number of online users?

If you’d like to increase the number of online users in ASM, you can purchase more work places. See “Purchase” section for more info. Note that the basic number is the one you already have.

Where is the physical location of the program?

The software is located on our servers in several countries.

What connection speed is required?

Minimal desired speed is 256 Kb/sec.

Is there a fixed fee at the end of a period?

Yes, there is an annual fee. See “Purchase” section for more info.

What will happen if I don’t pay for a new period?

The program will switch to reading mode, i.e. you won’t be able to make any changes to it, only read it. 

Is it safe to post my company's data on your server?

Yes, our software uses the SSL system, which is used by bank websites and other companies. Backup copies of all the data are created daily. In case of force majeure, additional servers will start working with a copy of all the data.

Who can view my data?

Your consultant, his chief and employees of your company (who have appropriate access privileges). We guarantee the security of the data and require you to adequately establish security by creating a complex password instead of an easy to decipher password such as “123”, and to never provide full access information to unknown parties.

Is there any differentiation of rights in the program?

Yes, you can limit access to some features in a flexible way.

Is there any customer support?

Yes. The phone number is: 

8-800-200-07-04 – toll-free in Russia

Phone number in St.-Petersburg, Russia: +7-812-448-07-24.


Also, after you purchase the software, you will be assigned a personal consultant who will help you.

Do you assist in the implementation of Admin Solution?

You will be assigned a consultant who will help you with technical questions. You can also implement the software yourself; see “Implementation” for more info. For more information on correct application of the management technology itself or with the help of the software, see “Shop” section.

How does communication with consultants take place?

Via Skype, phone or e-mail.

Is there a user guide for the program? 

Yes, there is a complete user guide for all its elements. There are also video-lessons.

Is the program updated regularly?

Yes, updates are released 2-4 times a month.

Is there support in other languages?  

Yes, currently Admin Solution can be used in 8 languages (English, Russian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Ukrainian, Italian, German and French).