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Advice for Executives

I have observed a lot of executives.  I was a manager and a leader too.  Probably, my advice could be valuable for you mainly because I didn't have everything work perfectly for me in the beginning.  There were failures and disappointments in people and even in myself as a manager.  But I kept being a manager and continued searching for answers in spite of my frequent willingness to lose my belief in people and to agree that all employees are bad.

I observed those who believed that people are good and I tried to understand what gave them such certainty.  Now I have this certainty and I want to pass on this certainty to you.

It’s absolutely necessary to understand what makes employees good and what makes them bad.  If you say to yourself: “Well, it's only his opinion!”, you're  right.  I do not insist that you have to agree with everything written in this book. These are definitely my own opinions and conclusions which are based on my experience of management, consulting and, most importantly, on my observation of the successes and failures of other leaders. 

Right, this is just advice.  But this is not advice to just act blindly on what's written here.  This is to advise you read this and then to observe for yourself in order to understand if this can occur in your company, as well as in your life. And maybe you can get a couple of ideas, which will make you more successful and wealthy.  There are those who have observed this advice and applied it successfully.  I will be happy if I'm able to help you also.

Please be very attentive and even little bit cautious.  Check out everything against your own experience and observation.  But don't refuse something written here, just because it doesn't correspond to the opinions of most people or to the ideas of authorities or even to your own former ideas.

If you want to find some workable answers, read on.  Thank you for being someone that is still willing to seek answers.  Never stop looking and learning. The best answers exist for only those who actively seek more truth.  Forward!

Andrey Sizov

 When I was a Nuclear Engineer on an American Submarine chasing Russian Submarines in the Summer of 1985, I never dreamed I would actually get to visit Russia, let alone walk through the Red Squareas a tourist.  I also never dreamed that I would learn to love a Russian Naval Officer as a brother. Well, now I can say I’ve done both.
I met Andrey Sizov in the Spring of 2011 in Moscow.  We found out that we’d both been on duty in the Mediterranean in the Summer of 1985.  I was looking for Russian Subs, he was a Destroyer Captain, looking for me.  Well, not me, personally, but my submarine.  As we talked, we kept finding that we had more and more in common.  I’ve been a Naval Officer, an Executive, a Sales Motivator and Trainer, a Business Owner, Consultant and now a Co Author with Andrey.  Take away the barrier of language and a country’s boundaries and we found we had very similar experiences.  We’ve had to solve eerily similar problems relating to getting large groups motivated to produce and move in concert toward a goal that lets everyone involved with that group win.
Our Goal with this book is to help our friends achieve the wins we have had leading our teams through barriers that face leaders of companies and groups around the world.
Jim Mathers
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