Executives can get relaxed as the staff will prepare the details and do a particular project for them. In this occasion, we're going to talk about what a Completed Staff Work is. How do you get your staff to take on the best responsibility? Why don't they think the way you do? Why don't they think the way an entrepreneur does? Wherever they don't take on responsibility, we get entangled in their jobs. Not to mention we end up doing their jobs for them. It's a matter of taking responsibility at work and increasing productivity. That’s why we're going to take a look at how we can make that happen. It's a very simple way and format.

As we know, business means making a profit; and profit is, in turn - money, finances. Naturally, you could say that it’s not only that – there’s barter exchange, to be sure, and profit could be in the form of cows, tea, weapons, vanilla (or even chocolate!) ice cream; one could say that barter exchange was introduced in Mesopotamia and eagerly taken up in the ancient country of Phoenicia.

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