Vadim Malchikov

Vadim Malchikov - Reality Business Speaker

The first practicing consultant of the “WISE” association in Russia. He is the founder and core specialist of the “Central Training Company” (part of the international “WISE” association) – one of the fastest growing companies with an immaculate reputation in the field of consulting.

He has authored more than 200 articles for various publications, some of which include:

The “Commercial Director” magazine, the “Sales Business” magazine, the “BTL-Magazine,” the “Director” magazine, the “Business” newspaper, the “Publications Courier” magazine, the “Owner” magazine from Riga, the “Capitalist” magazine from Riga, the “Sales Management” magazine, “The Chief” magazine, the “T&D Director” magazine, and many others.


1. Majored in medicine
2. Studied at a Russian Open University, specializing in marketing
3. Underwent a vast amount of study and interning at private Russian and international (US) educational institutions, under leading business consultants, and specialized as a “top-manager.”

Vadim Malchikov has been working as an executive since 1991. He has experience in managing sales companies (books, groceries, construction materials, air conditioners, ventilation), as well as manufacturing companies (air conditioning and ventilation systems) and also marketing and investment companies.

In the last four years Mister Malchikov conducted several hundred seminars for thousands of business executives in more than 40 cities in Russia and the CIS.

Vadim Malchikov conducts the following courses