Lynn E. Irons

Lynn E. Irons - Speaker of Reality Business and Consultant

Lynn E. Irons

CEO of Management Training International, an International Management Training and Consulting Company. Executive Director of The Enhancement Center, Personal and Family Counseling Organization Brief background of some accomplishments;

Management consulting

Personal Consulting Organization In 1983 I took over a bankrupt organization

with 6 staff and $80,000 in debt and failing and turned it around so that

the turnover in 1986 was over 6 million dollars, had over 75 staff and won two international awards as the fastest growing organization of its kind in the world 1986-87 and 1987-88. Sterling Management Systems was co-founded in 1983 with Dr. Greg Hughes to serve the health care field and by 1986 had an annual turnover of over 20 million dollars, over 200 staff with over 2,000 clients throughout the United States. Sterling was on the INC. 500 list (the 'Fortune 500 of privately owned companies) as one of the fastest growing companies in America for 3 years in a row.

Health Care Consulting Company I bought out this bankrupt company in 1988, downsized the staff 60% and increased the income 8X within two weeks and had the company making a profit at the end of 30 days and debts of over $400,000 paid off within 6 weeks.

U-MAN Business Services was founded in 1991 to deliver training, seminars and personnel consulting to businesses in Scandinavia. It quickly grew to the third largest organization of its kind in less than two years delivering workshops, courses and consulting to a client base of over 2,000 businesses.

Hubbard Colleges of Administration

As President of the Hubbard Colleges of Russia and the East, between 1992 and mid-1995, I founded 9 Hubbard Colleges of Administration in Russia and several former Soviet Union countries. I trained up over 200 Russian staff to administer these training centers, supervised the translation of materials and handled the PR and government liaison necessary for the colleges to freely operate.

 Jamaican Businesses

In 1995, rescued a 30 million dollar family business from foreclosure by their bank, downsized the largest holding of appliance stores and put the business on firm financial and management grounds.

Educational Consulting

In 1973, helped co-found the current Delphi School of Sheridan, Oregon, an international private school for children ages 6-18. In 1976 helped co-found the current Delphi School of Sacramento, California. In 1984 founded the current Sonoma Valley Academy in Sonoma, California .


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