Irina N. - Reality Business Speaker

Accountant and economist by education. After the “Economics and Law” college, she completed 4 years of study at the Russian State University for Humanities studying economics and finances. She owned a restaurant in St. Petersburg and a law office dealing with immigration. She used to head a staffing agency called “Productive Personnel” and a consulting company called “Personnel – Esto.”

She is a manager of consulting projects, a speaker and an author of various articles on Administrative Technology of Management; her distinguishing trait is her ability to work hard and work ethic. Everything that Irina undertakes, she does with a high level of responsibility and professionalism. Irina has very broad experience in implementing a very powerful management tool, financial planning, in the companies of clients.

In 2010 Irina Narchevashvili was awarded an individual honorable “Excellence of Quality” mark for her special contribution in achieving the quality standard for the “Admin Solution of Management” software. This award marks Irina’s invaluable professional help as a finance specialist. It also distinguishes her work in preserving the standards of implementing the financial planning system within the framework of LRH’s administrative technology of management in the “Financial Planning” section of the program.

Irina conducts the following courses

  • Financial Planning Trailer
  • Financial Planning